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Published in Pak Tea House on December 30th, 2013

Without a doubt every year is full of experiences that are filled with; struggle, survival of the fittest, strength and an outcome most people feel that is life-changing.  This year was no less, for me or anyone else that I knew.

Making changes is never easy, never and they always happen when you least expect it. However, there were certain changes I made this year with the knowledge that, I was taking a complete 360 degrees in my life; personally and professionally. I changed my career completely from finance to advertising. I decided to use my passion of writing (which I have been doing professionally part-time, for over 4 years) into a full-time career. I even decided to cut people out of my life which I felt were causing a detrimental impact around me.  Many people near and dear to me made very similar decisions, maybe they thought it was a way of putting their foot down and moving on.

Sometimes the decisions we make are right or wrong and sometimes we learn there is no right nor wrong, it is just a decision.  I guess we make take such actions mainly because we are tired; tired of being judged, having fingers pointed at or just because your spirit feels broken.  Like I said, there is no right or wrong, its just a decision.

No, this year was not easy; it was not even close to be called “smooth-sailing”.  There were formative changes, “people” changes or changed people.  Some alterations were for the better or some for the worse or some were made out of “who cares” relentless attitude.

This year, I met the most amazing people and at the same time met people that had a twisted sense of reality or maybe my reality was twisted to them.  Who knows?  I did, however, realize one thing; your own personal attitude is highly impacted by the people that are around you.  Be it being called a “panic-freak”, a person that doesn’t focus on the positive or is never happy; is all a made on the basis from the outlet you receive on your surroundings.  Yes, your surroundings very much affect you, your stream of thought, the essence of who you are as a person, the root to your own soul.  This I believe is our test; of exactly how we can maintain our pulse without letting it beat too fast or too slow.  I too went through something similar along with some incredible friends of mine.  I guess the question does arise; how many people around you exude positivity?

The frustrating fact is, no matter how many times we go through a similar change in lives we don’t realize how it is different every time.  Everyone has a story to tell or play the part in one in order to tell their own.  Even if another person has gone through a similar experience, they cannot tell you how to go through your own and nor can you do the same for someone else.  Because every story is different even if the plot isn’t.

A very dear friend of mine had once said to me:

“Everyone has a threshold for pain. You just have to decide where your threshold ends.”

Keeping that in mind I have actually have started setting off internal benchmarks; what is worth it and what isn’t.  I am glad I kept by my decision to cut off certainties that are dauntingly energy-sapping, be it on a daily or on a long-term basis.  There is always a solution to every problem or challenge, it may not be what we expect or want, but at the end of the day it does give us peace and hopefully lasting internal harmony in small dosages.

All these changes without a doubt, allow us to learn something.  One thing I can suffice to say I did learn something new about myself; I don’t like being comfortable.  You’re not growing if you are comfortable.  I don’t like being stagnant.  I like what gives me the strength to grow or allows me to put up a fight.  Granted some fights are worth it and some are just best left alone.  Realizing your strengths and weaknesses are not just things people can use against you; in fact it is what you can use for yourself.  Your greatest strength can also become your weakness, just as your most damaging weakness can become your greatest strength that is if you allow it too; making it your moment of glory.

“What’s your glory story?”  I guess this question is something we all can ask ourselves, however I think it is more apt to ask “What’s your story, Glory?”

Happy New Year everyone and God Bless.