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Published in the Pak Tea House on Jan. 3, 2012

At the end of every year or the beginning of a new one, a very dear friend of mine and I repeat the same words, “God-willing, this will be our year,” to give each other a gentle yet positive push looking forward to the New Year ahead.

For some 2011 was a great year, as opposed to the preceding years which seemed far more devastating.  However, for others it had its ups and downs. Last year, I had witnessed many jumps and dips for my loved ones and myself.  It had extreme turbulences which seemed more life changing without any boundaries.

From the many lessons that I had to learn last year, the most important one for me was that to learn to deal with the root of a particular problem, in order to allow change to occur in a healthy fashion. We all know that the severe modification in the socio-economic political level affects all of us.  However, they also create internal conflicts on a personal level, by riling up a rouse or allow us to progress.  The previous year seemed no different from the preceding years in terms of the level of abruptness we all have seen.  These changes made purposely or unplanned seemed to have a different alteration on the train of thought on the large masses.  To me, this abruptness caused a visible shift in the paradigm and on a one-on-one basis.

The appearance of the shift was more apparent to me after witnessing something either devastating or extraordinary where humanity has been replaced by sensationalism. The base of the situation suggested becomes baseless, but very carefully camouflaged with morals. I wonder though, do the players at play ever realize that morals without logic are just that, baseless?  That the gaming preludes to the actualization of fear?  Fear, that makes us question our abilities rather than the choices we make?

There are many types of people in this world, some are the players and others are the ones that get played.  However, there are even those who are well aware that they are getting played yet choose to do nothing and at the same there are those will go to many levels to help themselves.  It is difficult to give the whole blame to the ones that ignited the gaming ploy, since there are so many out there who have seen and heard the truth and choose to do nothing.  I know the truth can be relative to most.  However, that can change if there is evidence and logic supporting it.  Taking out only the negative aspect of what is evident (that to only out of arrogance and pride), just so your own side can be supported isn’t self-righteous, but unfortunately puerile.  Not admitting to what is wrong around you is creating a toxic environment.  A right can not be made with two wrongs, just the way you can’t sensationalize something that isn’t there and throw the victimization card to the party in front of you.

Unfortunately, I have seen this happen many times.  I’ve seen religion, class, creed, ethnic backgrounds and race being slandered in acts of self-righteousness.  I would be defecated on in the middle of these acts, since there were directionless and attacked mostly everyone.  2011 year in particular seemed to be much rougher when it came to slandering or the glorified form of it called “sensationalism”.  A friend of mine said to me that to him, “even sensationalism was a form of fundamentalism.”  I couldn’t have said it any better.

Everything that I have stated affected me on a personal basis.  It decreased my tolerance level and increased my despair.  Oddly to say most of those around me would agree.

In 2011 I seemed to witness a re-run of emotions crashing into people like a terrible freak accident.  People that I know lost their loved ones in blasts and accidents or barely escaping them. They had been lied to out of omission leading to worsen the situation.  Someone would throw the victimization card at them (“you don’t know what I’m going through”) without being informed of what was going on.  Many have had their heart-broken in countless ways.  I have seen and experienced being spoken down to just for being individuals without disrespect and when standing up for yourself you get labeled (for a foul mood or just a terrible person).

However, every negative has a positive.  I saw many positive things come out of these scenarios as well.  I saw people becoming stronger after losing a loved one or barely escaping an accident/blast.  They became smarter after their right being held from them and developed the strength to fight for it.  Instead of allowing themselves to be played by a victim, they became martyr on their own.  Those who had broken hearts, allowed their own to have more surface area.  I chose and watched people standing up for themselves without worrying about being labeled, because those whom actually care without being fickle will never label you.

Something very small starts these train wreck of psychological emotions, which were created by situations that have occurred.  These small elements have been composed into something bigger than they are supposed to be.  For example; the cause behind a terrorist attack may be small, but when it is made into something bigger it literally kills.  You can see the application of it on a personal basis.  When something devastating does happen a part of you dies.  However, even if a part of you dies it is just so that you can be re-born once again.

Even though 2011 was the year of change, hopefully 2012 will be that of change filled with peace of mind and heart.

Happy New Year everyone and God Bless!