I think that Maida Sheikh is an extremely talented short-story writer. This is a story that most of can relate with our own selves. Regardless of whatever religion, gender, class or creed we may be; we all have our inner demons that we are constantly are at battle with. This is a story of a girl, who does just that.

While you are at it, check out her short stories section in her blog: http://emmefemme.wordpress.com/

We chatted for a while, she and I. She told me how she felt. Lonely but not entirely lonely. 'Why?', I asked. 'Because there's that brick wall around me, and i let people in and then i grow weary and they keep hurting me and hurting me and then i just push people back out to the wall. It gets lonely, but there are people out there.' I wondered what she was thinking when she fell silent for a moment; and then she spoke: ' We're just hypocrites you … Read More

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